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I was born and raised in the great outdoor playground of Northern Minnesota where learning to brave the elements is a means and a way to test the very core of your being.  As a youngster there were ice castles to build and frozen lakes to skate on, and later there was ice fishing and hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails to test.  And lets not forget all the summer and indoor sports too! In fact, my love of the outdoors and sporting activities led me to a career in coaching and education. 

Like most of you, I loved travel so later I purchased a Travel Agency hoping to make money and to see the world.  Well, I didn't make a lot of money but what a wonderful way to see places you would dream about but never expect to see.  The real bonus - it gave my family and me the opportunity to take fishing and hunting trips to many premier hunting locations around the country.  Though we shot more photos than guns, we were able to hunt elk in Colorado, deer and antelope in Wyoming and Montana, pheasants in the Dakota's and wonderful fishing trips to both oceans as well as the Gulf of Mexico.  I hope you have had a chance to visit our wonderful National Parks, if not you must put that on your Bucket List. If you are a camping or hiking enthusiast, many of our National Parks are comparable to any park in the world. 

After a lifetime of travel, teaching, participation in outdoor activities, I have settled back in my home town in northern Minnesota where some of my old students still call me Coach.  We, at Red Mountain Sports, are ready to help you enjoy the Great Outdoors as well. We have hundreds of products to choose from with many more coming.
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